• Zadanie współfinansowane jest z budżetu Miasta Rybnik
  • 17-18.09.2022 r.
  • LIVE

Parking Team

We invite all teams with tents to the “Parking Team”. Due to the limited number of parking spaces, each team will be able to enter a maximum of 2 vehicles and set up a tent. The parking map is below.

Entry and exit from the “Team Parking” will be possible before the races start, with difficulties during the races and after the end of the races. During race starts, due to the location of the starting line, entry and exit from the “Team Parking” will be impossible. Therefore, please refer to the race schedule.

For reservations, please complete the form below:

    Public parking

    There are tho public, free parkings near the “Park portowy Winiowiec”. All riders coming individually and fans are kindly asked to use public parkings.